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I wanted to give a brief update on book progress. Yesterday, I finished my final manuscript and signed a contract with an outstanding editor. She will read the entire manuscript twice and offer suggestions for further development. After that, she will begin line edits, making suggestions on wording, spelling, punctuation, etc. Once all that is done, the book will go through a final proofread by an independent copy editor. Whew, I never knew the process was so involved and time consuming! Presently, I'm assembling chapter endnotes, considering who to ask for endorsements, rearranging picture placement, etc. Next, I will need to do a good job promoting the book. You can help in several ways: 1) spread the word on FaceBook, 2) Offer suggestions for potential endorsements. I'm considering Ray Mabus because of his familiarity with Moon and connection to Ackerman but don't know how to connect with him. I would also like to ask Will Primos because of his Mississippi connection and popularity in the hunting and fishing world. My dream endorsement? Robert Redford! Why? The book quotes and closely follows the narrative arc of A River Runs Through It. 3) Promotion. You might also make suggestions for how to promote the book locally and regionally. I'm willing to do book signings anywhere and Moon has agreed to make a guest appearance locally and tell stories if it doesn't interfere with his fishing plans! It's difficult to gauge, but my best calculated guess is the book will hit the shelves this Spring. I wish sooner but...... Thanks for your continued interest and patience!

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