Fishing Wisdom

Why do so many of the human species like to fish? There is something magical about pulling a fish from the water that most of the time you can't see. I believe the act connects us with mystery and the transcendent, too often missing in today's preoccupied and busy culture. Ours is a culture increasingly devoid of transcendent meaning. A growing conflict exists between those who espouse what I call the 'ordinary life' and those who subscribe meaning to some 'higher ontology'. God's children aren't very adept at affirming all that's good in 'ordinary life' and those who live for 'ordinary life' aren't very good at affirming the transcendent. Of course, those who only affirm 'ordinary life' are forced to find some transcendent meaning in 'ordinary life' just as those who affirm some 'transcendent meaning' behind our existence are prone to dismiss entire aspects of 'ordinary life'. Today the two camps are more and more in mortal combat. One is only to observe Facebook posts to understand the war. Those who affirm 'ordinary life' are prone to depict their 'ordinary life' as if they've arrived at some state of bliss, while some of God's children are prone to post Scripture passages with preachy admonitions and from their enlightened lofty perch throw rocks at the unenlightened. Both approaches are bankrupt and polarizing. Certainly there are historical and philosophical reasons for this cultural divide but there is no denying its existence. Most people find themselves caught somewhere in the middle of the growing polarization. My contention? Both sides need to give ground. The 'ordinary life' is intensely 'spiritual' and the 'spiritual life' is intensely 'ordinary'. God's children are best when they enjoy and affirm the 'ordinary life', love and care for those with whom they disagree, admit personal suffering and our common human quest for meaning. And if you believe life is only 'ordinary', go pull a fish from the water. I'll leave at this, “If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there'd be a shortage of fishing poles.”-Doug Larson

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