Silver Fishin' and a Bull Moose

“After we shut that pipeline work down, it was late September and them Silvers was in really good on the Kenai and I hadn’t been able to do much fishin’ while I was a workin’. I camped down there at that campground and I was a catchtin’ them silvers like they was a goin’ out of style.

One day, I ran into a fella that said they needed some night work at the generator plant. They needed somebody to do a few thangs, but that job was mainly like a night watchman. Sometimes when that luck or fate or whatever you wanna call it, is a workin’ for you, you need to keep it rollin’. At first, I coudn’t hardly get a job and then I coudn’t hardly not get one. I proble’ shoudn’t have done that, but I told him, I would. So, I fished in the day and sat out there at night in my truck and mainly slept.”

One thang I wanted to do in Alaska was kill one of them big bull moose with them giant antlers. So, I quit fishin’ and started goin’ huntin’ during the day. First, I started huntin’ around some of them lakes and I was seein’ a few cows."

One day I was a talkin to a fella and he told me, “Man you’ve got to hunt those big bulls up high.”

That had never dawned on me, so I started to drivin’ up there nearly to Cooper’s Landin’. When I got up there to where those big mountains were on the east side of the road going toward Anchorage, I’d just pick me one out and I’d park that truck and I’d walk up that mountain.”

I finelee’ got one of them big bull moose. To get him off that mountain you couldn’t believe how much work that took. I was by myself and it was a long way up that mountain, and it took me almost three days to get it all. I took the backstraps, hindquarters, shoulders and everythang else I could and then I had to get them horns.”

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