Who is Moon Sunn?

The short answer is, “He’s my Daddy.” The long answer is a bit more complicated.

Moon Sunn is a living legend in my hometown of Ackerman, MS and a fading legend among the original bank fisherman on the Kenai River in Alaska. His quest to catch the world record king salmon from the banks of the Kenai without any assistance from boat or motor created adventures of epic proportions. His stubborn determination to fish his way resulted in a two-mile section of the Kenai River being designated “bank-fishing only” by the city of Soldotna, Alaska.

Moon admits that his relentless and life-long pursuit of the next fish was his attempt to reconcile the untimely death of his dad, Mack. For most of us, unresolved pain drives us in ways we are unaware.

As I work to publish my first work Moon Sunn, follow me on Instagram, and Subscribe to this blog for more updates and publication progress as the book nears its release. I'm looking forward to sharing these stories with you!

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