Moon and Sunn
Memoir of a Fishing Legend and His Son

Moon and Sunn was published in summer 2022. The memoir chronicles the remarkable stories of author Shane Sunn’s bigger-than-life dad, Moon Sunn. Often told by Moon himself, his stories reveal the root of the philosophies that drive his extraordinary lifestyle. As the author embarks on the journey of seeking out and writing down those stories, a more personal one comes to the surface. Over the course of the book, the good and the bad, the hard and the hard-to-believe, are unspun like a fishing line with a big King salmon on. However, with great challenge comes great determination, and, like any good fishing story, Shane sees it through to the end. Reeling it in, the memoir captures a stringer full of timeless life lessons. 

Moon and Sunn is available in hardcover, paperback, and eBook. Find them on Amazon or at your local bookstore in the following locations:


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 "Shane Sunn has written a very entertaining and thoughtful book about his father “Moon” Sunn and their complicated relationship. Moon Sunn lived in the small town—Ackerman, Mississippi, population 1500—where I grew up. He and I are distantly related by marriage. While I was growing up, Moon was a near-mythical figure. He was nearly always gone and rumors about where he was and what he was doing swirled around. Some were probably true at the time but many almost certainly were not. Shane’s stories about him have removed much of the mystery while seeing him as a flesh and blood human but also allowing the larger-than-life image to remain. His stories are poignant, funny, and, sometimes, terrifying. “Moon” is an epic character

and Shane has done him justice with this book."


-Ray Mabus, Secretary of the Navy 2009-2017, Governor of Mississippi 1988-1992, Ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 1994-1996.


“Moon and Sunn reveals the joys of a boy and his father in the outdoors and the painful and long-lasting effects of divorce into adulthood. As a product of both experiences, Sunn’s memoir and its themes of forgiveness and healing hit home with me and served as a wonderful reminder of the beauty that can arise from the ashes of broken relationships."


-Brad Dye, Outdoor writer, syndicated columnist (home paper—The Meridian Star)

"This is a fishing tale-- and an entertaining one at that-- complete with comedic anecdotes from the rural wilds of Mississippi and harrowing accounts from the riverbanks of Alaska.  But, for Shane Sunn and the men who populate his memories, everything -- even life itself-- is a fish story, heavy with meaning and holding out the promise that, for those with enough patience and determination, the payoff is just one cast away. In Moon and Sunn, the oral history of a family fractured by death, divorce, and distance, Shane shows us, we who are living our own stories of generational and personal pain, that sometimes truth and reconciliation come to us unbidden and unexpected.  It may be ugly and bereft, like a stray dog, or brilliant and mysterious as the Aurora Borealis, but truth comes on its own terms and in its own time. Shane Sunn approaches his family's story with the care and attention of a fly fisherman who knows both the risk and reward of stepping to the ever-moving water's edge of memory and time and with the faith and hope of a man who believes, and bids us to believe, that in the muddy waters of life 'every ripple among the sticks reflected the brilliance of the world to come.'"


-Jim Wood, MD, MA (English Literature), Assistant Professor of Surgery, LSU Health, Baton Rouge, LA